How Can I Beat The Heat In Summer?

cool child in front of fan

Summer in Florida means “feels like” temperatures over 100 degrees! AC units work hardest during warmer months. Due to this, staying cool while budgeting for a higher-than-average electric bill can be a real challenge. There are a few easy steps that homeowners can take to make sure their home and their budget are equally comfortable as we head into the warmest months of the year here in Florida.

Set your thermostat correctly to beat the heat in Tampa during the hottest time of the year

  • Thermostats should be set at 76-78 degrees in summer during the day
  • Raising the thermostat setting two degrees when your home is empty will reduce cooling costs to 15%-25%

Use LED bulbs inside your home

  • LED bulbs reduce energy usage by up to 75% and last twice as long as traditional bulbs

Set your AC unit to Auto instead of Fan

  • This allows your AC to automatically adjust rather than running constantly.

Close shades, drapes, and blinds during the daylight hours and use blackout curtains.

  • You’ll be amazed how much difference keeping the sun out of your rooms makes

Run fans with air conditioning when the weather is milder.

  • Homes with ac and fans working together reduces cooling costs by 15-25%.

Change air filters monthly during summer months when usage is highest

  • A fresh new filter will improve indoor air quality and ensure your A/C unit is working efficiently

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