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The Forgotten, Not So Secret Ingredient

I quickly became the “go-to” guy asked to visit clients after they had an experience like the one described so I could “make it better”. Why was I received so well and not my colleagues?  Why was I the one who had clients demanding only me in their home?  My former employers asked these questions of me only to brush off my consistent answer: unwavering respect.

Let me explain:

First, I have respect for my family – I respect my beautiful wife and daughters.  Ensuring I do not have issues from home on my mind while trying to serve others allows me to focus on what is important at that time–the client.

I respect my health – I do my best to be in bed by 11,  I eat healthy, I exercise, I don’t smoke, and I try to drink a gallon of water every day.  This respect for my body gives me the energy to serve you best.  I have the focus to be present for every family I visit.  When it’s 120º in your attic I can work with velocity and precision.

I respect my appearance – I am approachable, I take effort to speak with clarity, I wear a clean pressed shirt every morning, I stay clean cut, my shirt stays tucked in, I keep my nails and teeth clean, I keep my vehicle clean and organized, I keep my tools clean, my paperwork is never crumpled or dirty, I drive with courtesy and attention. How one looks cannot determine how they will perform, but I choose to do my best to eliminate negative stereotypes.  I wish stereotyping didn’t happen, but it does.

I respect my clients and their homes – I arrive on time and park in the street every time so not to drip anything on your drive or be a nuisance, I never sit in my vehicle in front of your home, I smile, I put covers over my shoes every time I enter your home to protect your floors and make a statement about my attention to detail, I ask you to be involved throughout my entire visit, if possible, so you feel comfortable watching what I do, I ask permission—for everything, I never use the restroom at your home, my phone stays on silent, I refuse to leave any mess in your home (even if we have to go back and forth a few times if you say you’ll take care of it).

Being respectful is a principle—a way of being.  A principle can never be compromised; if it is, then it’s not a principle.  Your goal when hiring a contractor is to accomplish something you want done, and you want it done right or you wouldn’t have hired a contractor.  We want you to know that how we look, act, and care for you and your property isn’t taken lightly; it’s what we do to ensure our reputation and relationship with you stays the best, because it is the right thing to do.

Respect—it’s what sets The Comfort Authority apart from the rest.  Why wouldn’t you choose us?

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