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damaged electrical systems from ac unit

Adding This To Your AC Could Save You $$$

How frustrating would it be to come home expecting to feel cool and comfortable but walk in only to feel hot stuffy air?  This happens too often.  The next thing that happens is you check the thermostat, then the breakers, and maybe the drain line.  Now the dreaded phone call to the AC Company who comes out and gives the bad news that [this part or that component] has failed.

Oftentimes an air conditioner fails for no apparent reason at any age of the system. Regular tune-ups were performed, filters have been changed monthly and yet the system still failed.  So what caused the problem?  If the issue was an electrical failure, very often the source is power supply related.  In our line of work, we often hear people say they don’t understand why the part failed.  We’ve discovered the culprit to be surges.  Surges?  There haven’t been any lightning strikes recently.  You will now know lightning is NOT the REAL DANGER. Electrical components often fail from heat caused by incorrect current, a surge, or some people have heard “dirty power.”  Improper current happens when the power rushes back in after an outage, a low power event, or sudden call for lots of energy (like your A/C turning on).  Incorrect current or power surges are what do most of the damage.

Surges in power can be caused by many different things.  A quick Google search for “power outage Tampa” turned up that within the last 12 months several outages were caused by squirrels, and more from failed power company supply devices such as transformers.  When there is a power outage, there is usually a power surge when the power comes back on.  Even the AC itself causes power surges that can affect everything in the house.  Of course, lightning will cause power surges as well and a direct strike will often bypass a surge protector, but how often do you get struck by lightning?  A nearby strike or one that interacts with the power system can do your equipment in.  By the way, did you know that the Tampa Bay area is one of the lightning capitals of the world?  :O

So what do you do?  You already know what to do…. Look at what you’ve done for the other expensive electronics in your home like your computers, your TVs and entertainment equipment.  You’ve done as the manufacturer recommended and likely hooked those into a surge protector (can look like a power strip).  Even though installing surge protection on your home central air conditioning system requires a professional, it is equally or more important because of the extreme expense that can be incurred when damaged.  That may also snowball with the inconvenience of having a very uncomfortable home and scheduling a service call.  The cost to add surge protection to your AC system (including installation) will run from $168-$262 per system.  This small investment can save you thousands of dollars.

For those of you who wish to avoid unnecessary expense and aggravation schedule a visit or have this added during your routine maintenance and have your system protected before the summer heat and storm season is upon us.  For those who choose to wait, we will still be proud to install your surge protection while we fix your system.

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