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New Year. New AC? 5 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

The New Year is all about new beginnings. That includes your family comfort! Have you been wondering, “Do I need to replace my ac unit?”. There are some telltale signs that your ac unit isn’t functioning like it used to and could very well be on its last legs.

Understanding these warning signs can help you prevent those emergency weekend or late night calls when your HVAC system breaks down completely. Be proactive, and you and your family can stay cool and comfortable all year long.

Signs You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

1. You’re hearing weird sounds.

Do you hear squeaking coming from your ac unit? What about chattering or grinding sounds? These types of sounds are not normal and shouldn’t be dismissed due to an aging system. If you’ve noticed changes in how your system sounds, it is not functioning properly.

2. Your energy bill is going through the roof.

This is a very typical occurrence when it is time for an air conditioning replacement. AC units will use a lot more energy when they are failing. They are working way too hard with, generally, way little output. When you replace your ac with an efficient, effective unit, you will see savings every month for years to come. (And be much more comfortable!)

3. You’ve noticed weaker, limited airflow.

If an ac unit is working as it is supposed to, the airflow is consistent and strong. Systems that have been compromised can have difficulties pushing the air through the vents and into the home. Closing doors doesn’t help with this problem — it just restricts airflow and makes the system work even harder. When you notice weak, limited airflow, it is probably time for an air conditioning replacement.

4. Your AC unit isn’t keeping the house cool anymore.

In addition to limited airflow, ac units that are on their last legs just can’t keep rooms cool anymore. The system has lost its ability to maintain the temperature you need. Have you noticed you’ve been more uncomfortable inside your home? Have you received complaints from the kids that it’s too hot and “turn it down, please!”? It’s probably time to get a new one.

5. You’ve noticed stinky smells.

Sometimes, an air conditioning unit can put out some pretty awful smells if something is really wrong. Have you noticed any burning or smoky smells? This can be dangerous and should be looked at right away. An AC repair appointment should be set up with a skilled technician as soon as possible.

A New AC for the New Year

If you have experienced any of these warning signs, it is quite possible that you need a new air conditioner. The first step is to get your system checked out by a reputable air conditioning company.

The Comfort Authority is the highest rated air conditioning company in Tampa Bay and offers guaranteed customer satisfaction at affordable prices.

If your HVAC system is having any of these problems, contact our skilled technicians to check it out. We offer the best solutions in every possible situation.

Call us today at (813) 575-6996 to set up an appointment. For your convenience, we also offer AC financing.

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