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Comprehensive Plumbing Fixture and Faucet Services For Your Home

Upgrade your home with The Comfort Authority‘s comprehensive plumbing fixture and faucet services in Tampa. From stylish new installations to efficient repairs, our experts ensure your fixtures enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Trust us to handle every detail, providing durable and elegant solutions for every room in your home.


Faucet Repair & Replacement

Enhance your Tampa home with The Comfort Authority’s expert plumbing fixtures services. Our professionals specialize in the installation and repair of all types of plumbing fixtures, from sinks and showers to faucets and toilets. We ensure that every fixture we handle not only functions flawlessly but also complements the aesthetics of your space.

Our skilled technicians are equipped to deal with a variety of faucet issues, including leaks, corrosion, and poor water pressure. We provide both repairs and upgrades, ensuring your faucets deliver both performance and style. Choose from a wide range of modern and traditional designs to suit your home’s decor.

Beyond functionality and style, our fixture services are designed to increase the efficiency and sustainability of your home’s water use. By upgrading to water-efficient fixtures, you can reduce water waste and lower your utility bills. Trust The Comfort Authority to provide solutions that enhance both your home’s comfort and its environmental footprint.


Tampa Homeowners Count On The Comfort Authority

Tampa homeowners consistently choose The Comfort Authority for trusted, professional plumbing services. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that each job, from simple repairs to complex installations, meets the highest standards. Our expertise spans across all plumbing needs, making us a preferred choice in the community.

We understand that plumbing issues can disrupt your daily life, which is why we strive to provide quick and efficient service. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and technology to handle any challenge, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Count on The Comfort Authority to not only resolve your immediate plumbing concerns but also improve the overall functionality and efficiency of your home’s plumbing system. Our proactive approach helps prevent future issues, saving you time and money in the long run.

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Why Proper Plumbing Fixtures Matter

Proper plumbing fixtures are essential for maintaining the health and functionality of your home’s plumbing system. High-quality fixtures prevent leaks and water damage, ensuring efficient water use and reducing the risk of costly repairs. They play a pivotal role in your daily convenience, supporting everything from cooking and cleaning to personal hygiene.

Additionally, the right fixtures can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Modern, well-chosen faucets and fixtures can transform a bathroom or kitchen, increasing your home’s value and your enjoyment of the space. Investing in quality plumbing solutions is an investment in your home’s future.

We look forward to giving you the comfort, health, and peace of mind you deserve.

Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets

Do You Need New Plumbing Fixtures?

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Outdated or Malfunctioning Fixtures

If your fixtures are outdated or frequently malfunction, upgrading can enhance functionality and reduce water waste. New fixtures offer improved durability and performance, ensuring smoother operation and fewer issues.

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Increasing Water Bills

Rising water bills can indicate that your fixtures are inefficient. Modern plumbing fixtures are designed to conserve water, potentially lowering your bills and reducing your environmental footprint. Consider upgrading to more efficient models.

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Renovating Your Home

If you’re remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, new fixtures can complete your renovation with style and efficiency. Upgrading fixtures not only improves the room’s appearance but also adds value to your home.


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Regular maintenance and tune-up of your HVAC system will improve its efficiency, which in turn will lower your monthly electricity bills and highly reduce the chances of your AC system failure.

Highly Affordable Prices

As HVAC systems are already working overtime, the chances of them breaking down are generally high. That’s why we offer annual maintenance plans, which include everything from changing the air filter to tuning up and replacing faulty parts (if any).

Highly Affordable Prices

As HVAC systems are already working overtime, the chances of them breaking down are generally high. That’s why we offer annual maintenance plans, which include everything from changing the air filter to tuning up and replacing faulty parts (if any).

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    So impressed with the customer service and professionalism. Mike and Eduardo had a hard job in front of them replacing an ancient AC system in my home and they got it done in a day and a half with no issues. They even cleaned up after themselves and vacuumed my floors. My AC and heat...
    — Cindy K., Tampa, FL | Full Review
    I purchased a new AC System from The Comfort Authority a few years back and have been enjoying it ever since until a week ago when something strange started to happen. Since it’s been chilly for a few weeks, I turned the heat on for the first time in a few months and noticed the...
    — Rick S., Palm Harbor, FL | Full Review
    As soon as I called the office I received a polite answer, informative booking appointment offer and a great tech! Chris, my tech, called prior, arrived on time and kept me informed throughout the repair. A breath of fresh! Thank you Comfort Authority.
    — Robert T., Tampa, FL | Full Review
    I’m very satisfied with the comfort authority. They keep me cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They have a great staff as well.
    — Sallee S., Tampa, FL | Full Review
    Great company to have working on my air conditioner. People that I felt I could trust and rely on doing a good job at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend.
    — Doug M., St. Petersburg, FL | Full Review
    The Comfort Authority to the rescue! After calling them, we had the AC working within an hour! And house full of guests were no longer in the heat! They were quickly and easily able to assist with a few a/c troubleshooting problems. The Comfort Authority is always my go to with any a/c problem I...
    — Craig H.

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