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dirty condenser coils affect your AC

Dirty Condenser Coils: How They Can Affect Your AC Unit

Staying cool? Dirty condenser coils can have a significant impact on the way your air conditioning system operates on a daily basis. The condenser coil is one of the most important parts of your AC unit — playing a vital role in the functioning of the system.

Since your air conditioning is one of the most valuable systems in your home — and the one that keeps you and your family cool and comfortable — understanding what can affect it (and what you can do about it!) is a smart move for any homeowner.

Condenser Coil 101

What is a condenser coil?

The condenser coil is located in the outdoor unit of your system. It’s critical to the daily functioning and keeps your system efficient, cost-effective, and operating well for the long haul. They are typically made of copper and filled with refrigerant. When the hot air inside your home travels to the outside unit, the heat is released and removed by the coil— and the cool air is sent back inside the house. This constant exchange is happening while the AC unit is on to maintain your home at the proper temperature setting on your thermostat.

What happens when systems get dirty condenser coils?

Because of the amount of air exchange that is happening, the condenser coil is working hard all the time. Dirty condenser coils can severely affect the functioning of the unit. Some of the things that can happen can include:

  • Your air conditioning unit can’t keep up with maintaining the proper temperature
  • The total effectiveness of the system is reduced — decreasing with the amount of dirt build-up
  • The efficiency of the system reduces dramatically and increases your utility bill
  • Your system’s lifespan can be reduced because it is working much harder than it should

Protecting and Maintaining Your AC System

With the many problems that dirty condenser coils can cause, it is essential to protect and maintain your system to keep it running correctly and have continuous cool air for the comfort of everybody in the household.

Setting up regular AC maintenance by a professional, highly-rated air conditioning repair company in Tampa, FL is your best plan of action. Skilled technicians will clean the coils and make sure the rest of the system is maintained and working well.

As a homeowner, one of the biggest things you can do to help keep high amounts of debris from coating your condenser coil is to maintain clearance of the outside unit by at least 2-3 feet — keeping weeds, vines, shrubs, and other plants from reducing the air circulation, blocking the fins, and contributing to the accumulation of dirt and debris all over the coils.

Cleaning dirty condenser coils before they cause major problems for your air conditioning system will keep you and your family cool and comfortable, maintain a cost-effective and AC efficient system — and prolong the life of your air conditioning unit.

The Comfort Authority is the highest rated air conditioning repair company in Tampa, FL. Call us today at (813) 575-6996 or make an appointment online here.

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