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The Comfort Authority AC Repair and AC Services Tampa Bay

A new approach

The Comfort Authority was recently founded by experienced technicians who, after years in the industry, realized the right solutions are not being offered to customers’ concerns.  Any air conditioning technician with some training can get a failed unit going again, but is this really in the best interest of the customer?  Is the unit properly sized and configured? Is the conditioned air  as healthy as it can be? And is it efficiently creating the right environment for your family?

babyWe are a family business and we would never patch and band-aid our own systems the way we were being asked to for other companies day in and day out.  We would not subject our families to the health risks or make minor repairs, knowing larger system failure was right around the corner.  Furthermore, inefficient systems will eat away at your pocket book.  You deserve comfort, health and peace of mind.