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why do I have so much dust in my house

Dust, why do I have so much?

The first opinion they had [after the vacuum and new wood flooring] was they needed a new AC system with a good filter and UV light. While the new AC system came with benefits over the old one like, a little more comfort and it was a bit quieter, it did nothing for the dust issue. A new AC will not help with dust. A new air filter system is a great idea for catching dust and allergens so they are not recirculated through the home or clog up your AC system, but does nothing for eliminating the source.

The second opinion had a little different take from the first. This time the ductwork is said to be the culprit. They needed to either have it cleaned and sealed, or replace it all. Having it cleaned and sealed was just under $2K and the total replacement was around $5K, so they opted to have it cleaned and sealed. This did nothing. Thankfully the company who performed the work honored the money already spent and let the client have the total replacement and only pay the difference. New ductwork also comes with benefits. Properly designed duct systems can help with hot/cold spots, lower energy bills and sometimes even help with dust issues. Not in this case though. We are now $11K into fixing the dust issue with very little results.

When I arrived at the home and listened to the work that was completed with the tragedy of money spent without results, I knew the home must be tested. At The Comfort Authority we do not guess it, we test it. Fortunately for our dust wranglers we are the only true air conditioning company in Tampa Bay. Air conditioning is more than blowing cold air into a house. G.B. Wilson, one of the pioneers of modern air conditioning defines it as: (click here, to see why we say we are the only “True” AC company, it’s pretty cool and surprising).

Looking deeper into the real meaning of air conditioning you must also address the envelope of the home to be conditioned. Our clients did not necessarily need a new AC system, or even new ductwork. What they did need was air sealing, creating an air tight barrier between the living space and attic. Because of the designer kitchen with beautiful can lights, the wonderful speakers installed in the ceiling of the family room and the decorative drop soffits throughout the home, attic air was rushing into the home! All of these awesome home upgrades can create large holes that connect our homes to the most undesirable air around. Think about what is in your homes attic: fiberglass insulation, pesticide sprays, hot unfiltered air, tons of unconditioned humidity. This is what truly needed to be addressed. After spending one third of what had already been spent to solve the problem, The Comfort Authority had created another wildly excited fan.

If you would like less dust in your home or have maybe even tried some of the “solutions” listed above, give us a call for a whole Home Comfort Assessment at: [company-phone-number].