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air conditioner energy saving tips

Save Energy (and Cash!) With These Simple AC Prep Tips

February 12, 2018

Energy saving tips can make a real difference in the health of your HVAC unit AND the status of your household budget.

As a homeowner, you are always busy keeping your household running smoothly and looking great. The weekends can end up filled with chores, leaving little time for relaxation and fun. The air conditioning system in your home is critical to your comfort — and definitely makes an impact on your wallet.

Get ready for the spring and summer and prep your AC now with these simple, quick tips to save energy —and cash!

4 Energy Saving Tips

1. Change Your Filters

Just like your car or lawnmower, your AC has to work a lot harder to do the same job when the filters get clogged with dust, debris, and pet hair inside your home. The small amount you spend to change your air filters will go a long way to make your AC run more efficiently and reduce your utility bills too.

The best practice is to change them as soon as they look dirty. The age of the home and other factors like pets, children and landscaping all play a role in what gets in the home and then into the filter.

2. Seal it Up

Your home construction has a lot to do with how it feels in your home and how the air conditioner operates. Gaps around doors and windows, holes around ceiling light fixtures or fans or other gaps, cracks or holes in the home affect how much air, humidity and dust or dirt can get in a home.

Some simple weather stripping and caulk can take care of most issues inexpensively.

3. Clear Plants and Debris Away from the Condenser Unit

Another important energy saving tip is to make sure your outdoor unit has “room to breathe.” If vines, leaves, shrubs or other debris surrounds your compressor, it’s going to have a hard time running and use a lot more energy than it should.

A good best practice is to keep at least 3 feet all the way around the unit for optimal air circulation.

4. Check the Drain Line

Air conditioners have a condensation line that needs to stay clear to run properly. It is usually near the condenser unit outside and is normally a little white plastic pipe. It is as simple as keeping debris away from the end and using a wet/dry vac to suction the line out periodically. Sometimes, these lines get clogged and then moisture can accumulate inside your home which can lead to the growth of dangerous mold and bacteria and interrupt the operation of the air conditioning system.

These simple energy saving tips help prolong the life of an air conditioning system, increase the comfort level in your home, and save you money each month on your utility bills (that adds up to a lot over time!). It is also recommended to have routine maintenance performed on your AC for ultimate performance, comfort, and to prevent expensive, emergency breakdowns.

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