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9 Simple Tips For Great Indoor Air Quality

April 7, 2015

  • Don’t Smoke Indoors– Any combustion smoke is bad for indoor air quality, but the chemicals and other particles released from tobacco smoke makes for poor air quality AND coats the indoor air conditioning components like your coil with damaging substances.
  • When cooking, use your exhaust fan– the kitchen exhaust fan, when vented outdoors, allows you to get rid of particulates, odors, smoke, and extra heat created by cooking.
  • Wash bedsheets frequently– washing your sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases in water that is at least 140F degrees kills dust mites.
  • Eliminate candles and air fresheners– Everyone loves the smell and ambiance of a burning a nice candle, but the truth is they emit volatile organic compounds. Make sure you use soy or beeswax candles as they emit lower V.O.C’s.
  • Ensure the door between your house and garage is sealed when closed– we often use our garages to store chemicals, gas powered equipment, paint and other products. The fumes from these products can leak into your home and be circulated throughout. If you have no other place to store them, make sure they are stored in a sealed container.  Also ensure you have your air conditioning system maintained annually and checked for air leaks so as not to pull in contaminants.
  • Use bath exhaust fan- spraying hairspray, cologne, deodorant, perfumes and other products like this can emit particulates and excess humidity from showers can create problems as well. Make sure the exhaust from the fan is routed outside.
  • Limit flames– fireplaces and burning wood inside of stoves will cause indoor air pollution if ventilation is not set up correctly.
  • Use a doormat– The bottom of your shoes can carry a lot of contaminants inside. A doormat will help cut it down, or consider removing your shoes at the door.
  • Use a high-efficiency particulate air filtering vacuum– Getting all the dirt and dust from the carpet in your home is very important in maintaining the health of your home. Make sure you have a vacuum that will trap the dirt inside a container and not allow any to get out.

If you are interested in improving your homes air quality, want a routine AC maintenance check, or want to have your home’s duct system inspected, call The Comfort Authority today at: (813) 575-6996.