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ac maintenance tips to help save money

5 Simple AC Maintenance Tips to Help You Save Money

AC maintenance should be a priority for homeowners. It keeps your air conditioning unit running smoothly and efficiently while maintaining comfort to you and your family all year long. And — it saves you money! If your AC unit is able to operate properly, you can save money on costly repairs and prolong the life of your condenser, compressor, and other valuable parts.

Here are 5 simple AC maintenance tips to help you save money.

Replace or Clean Your Air Filters

Your air conditioning unit works hard to produce cool air throughout your home. Why make its job harder? Replacing (or cleaning, if you have one that is washable) filters an average of every 60-90 days, or whenever they get dirty, is recommended to facilitate efficient operation. The filter is often located at the return air grille and/or inside the blower and can be compared to another new clean filter to see if it is time.

Clear Debris & Plants Away From Your Outside Unit

Plants in Florida can grow fast! The outside ac unit really needs room to “breathe”, so try to keep at least 2 feet of space all the way around the unit to allow for appropriate air circulation. Do a quick check on a regular basis when you are outside working in the yard. It is always best (and easiest) to maintain than to let it get out of control and have to tackle a huge job.

Keep the Outside Unit Clean

While you are outside checking to make sure the outdoor unit isn’t getting overgrown, you can take a minute to lightly rinse the exterior of your outdoor unit (NO PRESSURE WASHERS!). Rinse any dryer lint, mold, mildew, or other debris off the outside unit and rinse the concrete slab off to ensure the unit drains water correctly.

Check Your Thermostat

Does it seem to be responding properly? Is it regulating the temperature in your home as it should? You may want to consider a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one already. They are efficient, can be personalized with your home/away schedule, and save you money on your utility bills too.

Check Your Drain Lines

These need to flow freely to maintain your air conditioning unit at its highest efficiency when operating. If they get clogged up with debris, mold, algae, or critters, you could not only get water backup and flooding in your home, but also expose the interior of your home to unclean air.

Your air conditioning system is one of the most valuable systems in your home. Proper maintenance is key to the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations. These simple tasks can go a long way to prolonging the life of your system and saving you money each month on your utility bill.

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