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why is there a strange smell coming from my air conditioner

What is that strange smell?

Air conditioning systems often give off warning signs when there is a problem. If you know what those signs are, you can call a professional and get your system tuned up before major damage occurs and you are left without air. Most AC units break down during the hottest days of the year when the system is working its hardest but here in Florida, a power surge on a nice spring day can cause failure. Fortunately, you, as homeowners, are in the best position to detect problems. You are accustomed to your AC units particular sights, sounds, and smells. Anything out of the ordinary is an indication your unit may need a tune-up. 

Airflow is crucial to the proper cooling of your home. If you notice a reduction in airflow from the vents, there could be a blockage in the ductwork, clogged filters or coil. The wrong temperature of the air coming from your vents is the easiest to spot and can be caused from a variety of problems although low refrigerant, the thermostat or an issue with the compressor is usually the culprit. A blank thermostat and no water coming from the outside drain pipe are indications you may have a blocked or broken drainpipe. If ice forms on the coils, they may be dirty or your refrigerant may be low.

Strange smells coming from the unit or the vents is another warning sign. Smells can be caused by many things; mold or other “stuff” growing in your unit, burnt wires or insulation. It is possible a motorized component in your unit has burned out. Usually though, if this happens, your unit will most likely quit working.

Sound is also an important factor. Anytime your AC system sounds differently something has caused the change. It may be broken parts, loose fittings, loose ductwork or a number of other issues.

When your unit seems to run too often or not enough, or there is an unexplained rise in utility costs the air conditioning unit may be at fault. Manufacturers make air conditioning units meant for long-term use, but eventually, a problem will develop. Calling a professional when you first notice a change in its operation will save you money and further extend the life of the unit. The ideal time to call a technician is before any changes occur at all.

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