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What are the benefits of getting my air ducts cleaned?

Benefits Of An Air Duct Cleaning

Tampa Air QualityIf you have forced-air heating or central air conditioning in your home and can’t remember the last time your air ducts were professionally cleaned, you may be due for a service call. By all means, if you notice particles of dust coming through your air vents or the air from the vents has a foul odor, have someone come inspect and clean them as soon as possible. Dust and odors coming from the vents are clear indication that something is in the ductwork and needs to be removed. In addition to basic household dust, vents may contain mold and even carcasses of insects or small animals. All of these can lower the air quality inside your home.

Through the normal course of running your heating and cooling system, all manner of dust, germs and organisms make their way into the ducts in your home and circulate through the system several times a day. Using a good quality filter for your HVAC and replacing it often will help to reduce the contaminants in your ductwork, but it isn’t enough to keep it completely clean. While many of these particles will adhere to the ducts themselves, some will continue to circulate through the system and contaminate the air that you breathe every day. This is a particular concern for anyone who is susceptible to allergies, has respiratory problems or has a generally weakened immune system. Cleaner air ducts mean cleaner air to breathe and a potential reduction in health problems associated with poor indoor air quality.

In addition to the health impact of the contaminants that build up in air ducts, as build-up increases in your air ducts, it can reduce the airflow through the system making your heating and cooling less efficient. Depending on your system efficiency, some of the energy it uses is already lost just to keep the system running. The accumulation of a layer of particles in the ductwork can make your HVAC work harder, run more often and need replacement sooner than expected. Cleaner air ducts result in less strain on your system and are better for your wallet in the long run.

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