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how to tell if my ac surge protector works

How To Tell If My AC Is Protected Against Surge

Do I have Surge Protection On My Air Conditioner?

Here is a picture of what an installed secondary surge protection device looks like.  Secondary surge protection is typically installed at a device like a computer, TV, stereo, etc and looks like a power strip and helps protect your electrical equipment from power surges and in some cases lightning.  Surge protection for your AC is professionally installed and usually looks like a little black box installed on the side of the electrical disconnect box near your outside unit or condenser.  You may also have one installed on or near your air handler inside your home.  If you see this, you may have a functioning device installed.  On the model in the picture, there is a green LED that is illuminated as long as the device is functioning as designed.  If you don’t see the light, or you don’t see one of these ‘black boxes’, it doesn’t rule out you having secondary surge protection it may have been installed inside the AC unit itself.  We don’t recommend this unless there is no other option because you can’t see if it is still functioning and it may be disposed of if you replace your unit.  When in doubt, or if you would like to have your AC equipment protected against electrical surge (air conditioners are much more expensive than a computer or TV) call The Comfort Authority at (813) 575-6996 before storm season or ask when we are out for your annual AC maintenance.

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