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mistakes to avoid with your programmable thermostat

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Programmable Thermostat

How’s your energy bill? You have more control over it than you may think. What you do with your programmable thermostat really does make a difference. To keep your energy costs from going through the roof and maintain maximum comfort inside your home all year long, make sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes.

Avoid These Mistakes With Your Programmable Thermostat

  1. Setting the Wrong Temperature

  2. The wrong temperature in the winter can make it stuffy throughout the house and even give you a headache — and even more headaches when the bill comes. During warmer months, setting your air conditioner thermostat too low can really raise the costs unnecessarily too. An optimal setting for comfort and cost-efficiency is 64-70 degrees when you’re using heat and approximately 78 degrees when you’re using the A/C.

  3. Routinely Changing the Temperature Quickly

  4. It actually wastes energy to move the temperature up and down a lot when you leave the house and come home. The programmable thermostat is designed for efficiency and temperature regulation throughout the home. If you keep it at a standard in warm and cool seasons, you and your family will be cozier and spend less money too.

  5. Turning it Off Completely Instead of Using the Setback Feature

  6. Similar to the issue with changing the setting quickly when you get home, turning the heat or air conditioning completely off when you leave isn’t advised. A programmable thermostat typically has a setback feature that you can schedule the heat/air to turn on an appropriate amount of time before you arrive back home. It might take a little experimenting with your personal comfort preferences, but anywhere from 10-16 degrees from your normal temp is a good start. That way, the unit will have enough time to get the rooms to where you like them.

  7. Keeping the Setting Too Low or Too High

  8. This one isn’t quite as prevalent as some of the others, but it’s more common than you may think. It does take some energy to turn on and off, but it takes more to have the unit constantly running all the time. It also creates much more strain on your HVAC system and not only leads to higher monthly bills but can also create problems and lower the lifespan of one of the most important systems in your home.

  9. Turning Your Programmable Thermostat Up & Down Instead of Changing Your Wardrobe

  10. It seems like a real “no-brainer,” but it is a great reminder. The amount of energy that is wasted (and associated costs) is pretty incredible — all you have to do is throw on a sweater or take off that extra layer of clothing in the summertime. Next time you think to yourself, “I’m hot” or “I’m cold” and start making your way to the programmable thermostat — look at what you are wearing instead.

Avoiding these common mistakes will make a positive impact on your wallet and the comfort level in your home. Also, remember to keep your HVAC units properly maintained on a regular basis for overall efficiency and effectiveness for the long haul. Contact The Comfort Authority today at (813) 575-6996 for prompt, professional service. You can also connect with us online here.