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Wifi T-Stat benefits

Recover From Working Out Better and 3 Other Reasons To Have A WiFi T-Stat

4 Amazing Reasons To Have A WiFi Thermostat

  1. Actually Program Your Thermostat. WiFi thermostats are easily programmed from your computer, tablet, or phone. Did I mention that it is easy to do? Some thought went into the user interface on these apps that make it so anyone can program a thermostat now. Most thermostats will automatically account for daylight savings time as well. Some can learn things like how long it takes to cool or heat your home and will have the temperature to your setting when you want it to be, not just start cooling or heating when you set it. This all equals energy savings!
  2. Make Program Changes On The Go.  If you are going to be home late and want to change the AC system program, a couple simple pushes of a button on t-stat app and viola, more energy savings by keeping the system in check if away longer than normal. More energy savings!
  3. See What’s Going On When You Are Away. If you have people at home, you can turn the temperature down and freeze them out from afar! Just kidding, don’t do that. You can however, check in and make sure everything is fine.  Peace of mind is important whether you are a caregiver or just want to make sure everything is running as planned. Some thermostats can let you know if it gets too hot or cold in your house so you can quickly address problems.
  4. Recover From The Gym Easier.  If you don’t want to get up from the couch or out of bed to make it “a little cooler/warmer in here” because you are still winding down from your workout, don’t fret, you can have the power. Keep your app nearby and have “the perfect temperature” from wherever you want, whenever you want. You may prevent overexertion injuries as well!

To have your WiFi thermostat questions answered, or to get yours installed, call The Comfort Authority today at (813) 575-6996. We will get you taken cared of.