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how to improve your indoor air quality

Is the Air in Your Home Clean & Healthy? Helpful Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Your home should be a place of comfort, beauty, and safety. Unfortunately, many homes in Florida and around the United States have contaminants circulating in the air every day. Do you know how to improve your indoor air quality? First, it’s important to understand what can happen to your air without the proper care and attention to the systems in your home.

What Makes Indoor Air Unhealthy?

There are a number of different indoor air quality issues. With the typical hot, humid weather in Florida, it is quite possible that mold can enter your home from a hidden leak or other areas where moisture creeps in. From closets to air ducts, mold spores can thrive without proper modern air filtration and routine climate control maintenance.

You and your family could also be exposed to harmful carcinogenic contaminants like carbon monoxide, radon, airborne pathogens, and infection laden particles. The national organization for lung health, the American Lung Association, is a major proponent of improving indoor air quality— saying that certain serious illnesses and chronic respiratory problems can sometimes be traced back to preventable indoor air quality issues.

What Can Happen if I Have Unhealthy Indoor Air?

The complications of poor air quality range from mild — to even life-threatening. Children, seniors, and those who have compromised respiratory or immune systems, to begin with, are the most vulnerable. But even healthy adults can suffer from complications if there is unhealthy air inside the home. Some of the health problems /issues include:

  • Colds and respiratory infections
  • Chronic respiratory illnesses
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma & asthma attacks
  • Vertigo & dizziness
  • Migraines & other headaches & discomfort
  • Chronic fatigue

Taking action to improve indoor air quality can make a huge difference in you and your family’s health in the short-term — and for a lifetime.

Helpful Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

A modern technologically advanced climate control system is the best way to protect you and your family’s health and improve indoor air quality. The Comfort Authority offers the highest quality installations of Heating & Cooling systems, including Single Stage, 2 Stage, Multi-Stage, Ductless, and Duct design and replacement.

Our experts can provide a complete analysis of your home’s AC and duct system, insulation, and many other factors which affect your health. After the analysis is complete, we will provide the best solutions for your particular home, budget, and family needs.

Additional Helpful Tips for Homeowners

  • Get routine maintenance for your HVAC system
  • Change out your air filters every 1-3 months (monthly if you have pets/allergies)
  • Vacuum your vents when you change the air filter
  • Get your humidity levels checked by professionals (should not exceed 50%)
  • Consider improving your duct system (improving comfort, safety, and air quality)

Taking Action for Clean, Healthy Air

Clean air is essential for human health. Your home should be a place of comfort, beauty, fun, and relaxation without having to worry about polluted, potentially toxic air circulating from room to room. At Comfort Authority, we are dedicated to helping Florida families breathe well and enjoy maximum comfort inside their homes.

We are a renowned AC company in Tampa, offering guaranteed customer satisfaction at highly affordable prices.

Call us at (813) 575-6996 to talk about how we can best help you to improve the indoor air quality inside your home, have the comfort you deserve and get the peace of mind you need every day. You can also schedule a service appointment or a Home Comfort Assessment online here.