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home heating tips for florida

5 Home Heating Tips to Stay Comfy & Save Money

November 8, 2018

Remember that old Benjamin Franklin quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It’s certainly true when it comes to home heating tips. Making sure your HVAC system is working as it should and your home is ready before the cold weather hits Florida is smart homeownership. If you are truly ready, you can have the peace of mind that the inside of your home will be comfy throughout the season — and your utility bills won’t go through the roof.

Top Home Heating Tips for Floridians

1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

The way that heat circulates in your home matters. If you reverse the switch on your ceiling fans, the rotation of the blades will turn to a clockwise direction and will push the warm air coming from your vents back down into the rooms. This will help to keep it at a more useful (and comfortable) level and make for a more efficient heating system throughout the house.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Dirty air filters can really slow down the efficiency of your system — making your HVAC work a lot harder than it should. This puts unnecessary strain on it which is definitely not good for the long haul (or your wallet!). Change your air filter and your system will work better, your inside air will be cleaner, and your HVAC will use less energy.

3. Add More Insulation

How’s your attic? Sufficient insulation is important for energy efficiency and can make a real difference in utility bills too. Kind of like when people wear coats — it acts as a barrier and keeps the heat inside rather than drifting up, seeping out of cracks, and into the atmosphere. To reduce other air leaks, you can also install foam gaskets behind switch plates and outlets on the exterior walls of your home.

4. Check the Seals around Your Doors & Windows

Another of the best home heating tips to keep cozy and save money is to check all your doors and windows. How are the seals? Weatherstripping around doors can wear out and become less effective over time— particularly in a busy household.

Old windows can get really drafty and let a lot of cold air in too. Caulk around the joints if you see any gaps. If you’re not sure if you have a leak – light a candle! The smoke will swirl around if you do. Sealing your house up well goes a long way to keep the warm air in — and the cold air out!

5. Schedule a Maintenance Check on Your HVAC System

Getting a professional to tune-up and check your system before the temperatures start coming down is important in many ways. The AC technician can catch small issues before they turn into big problems (prompting those unwelcome emergency calls). A maintenance check is also performed to bring the HVAC unit up to its most-efficient operating capacity. This keeps your utility bills in check and brings the comfort level inside the home to a premium.

Bonus Tip!

You should also consider getting your ducts inspected. They may need to be cleaned or repaired. Clean, intact ducts improve indoor air quality and comfort, promote safety, and save money. Did you know that a duct system in the proper shape also helps fight climate change? Sealed ductwork uses less energy (meaning less fossil fuel emissions). A home heating tip that is good for homeowners and good for the planet!

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