My AC is Blowing Hot Air

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We have all experienced the time when our AC is blowing hot air. This never seems to happen when it is cooler out. The hottest time of year when our units are already strained is when our air conditioners usually experience problems. There are many issues that can arise with your home’s AC system. Having a professional come out is the best recommendation. However, there are some things, as homeowners, we can do to help troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem.

What to do when your AC blows hot air
  • Check your air conditioner’s thermostat. Sometimes an accidental setting, a faulty thermostat reading, or using the “auto” function instead of “on” can find the issue immediately.
  • Look at your home’s circuit breaker and check the power within the electric panel. Air conditioners need large amounts of power to run, so the breaker could have shut off if strained. In some cases you may need an electrician rather than an AC professional to fix the issue.
  • Dirty, unchanged air filters can lead to an evaporator coil clogged with dust and debris. Changing the filter every 30-60 days can be a great preventative step that helps. Check manufacturer’s directions regarding your unit for the proper time frame to change the filter.
  • Keep the outdoor unit that houses the condenser coils free of debris. A minimum 2 ft. clearance around the outside unit is necessary to keep the unit functioning properly. A garden hose rinse can easily clear dirt and debris outside.
  • Low refrigerant can cause malfunctions. Undercharged, overcharged, or leaking refrigeration is a problem that only professionals can help with as this is a highly dangerous chemical coolant.

If your AC is blowing hot air, or you have any other AC related questions, contact The Comfort Authority today to help with your air conditioning needs today!

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