How to Prepare for Replacing Your Air Conditioner

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ou may want to consider replacing your air conditioner after several years of repairs and many issues popping up. The Comfort Authority wants to help you prepare for what a total HVAC replacement really looks like.

You should replace your HVAC if :

  • Your AC unit is 8 -10 years old or older
  • The recommended repair exceeds half the cost to replace the entire unit
  • Your utilities are higher and higher from your unit’s malfunctioning
  • The size of your current HVAC unit is not sufficient for your home

Successful HVAC replacement tips

  • Have the work done at a convenient time for the power and water to be turned off temporarily
  • Research contractors in the area, looking specifically for those with great reputations
  • Prepare your home by covering furniture from dust and debris that may arise during replacement
  • Require that technicians cover your floors to prevent damage and dirt throughout your home

As the highest-rated air conditioning company in the Tampa Bay area, The Comfort Authority is available 24/7 at (813) 518-8030 to answer questions, schedule service, or talk to you about your comfort and health concerns for you and your family.