Zone Control Systems

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A zoned system is a single HVAC system serving two or more zones, rather than two separate HVAC systems. There are benefits to a zoned system verses one that is not broken up into areas within your home or business. Zoned systems are made up of your HVAC system, the temperature control zones, damper control panels, and your thermostat. Besides increased comfort and health within your home; zoned systems will add money saving benefits with better efficiency.

HVAC system

  • In the Tampa Bay area the most common type of air conditioner is the air conditioner or heat pump (outdoor unit) and the air handler (indoor unit).

Temperature control in zones

  • Thermostats are the easiest way to improve your home’s efficiency. Placing a different thermostat in each zone to monitor temperature ensures temperature consistency.
  • A multizone thermostat has sensors in each zone (area of your home) so information can be communicated to the thermostat if the area needs heating or cooling. Multizone thermostats can be controlled from one location and can also be utilized from an app or SMART device.

Damper control panels

  • The panel gets information about desired temperature settings from each zone and controls the airflow that heats and/or cools each zone.
  • Dampers tend to be wired to the control panel and can be wired or wireless with today’s technology.

An HVAC system that is not zoned cools and heats every area of your home every time it runs. This could waste energy and efficiency. It can also increase the costs your family will accrue heating and cooling your home. The Comfort Authority is here serving the Tampa Bay area 24/7 and can be reached by calling us at (813) 575-6996 or scheduling service online with our new booking features. Contact us to find out about zoned control systems to upgrade your HVAC system today!

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