What Kind of Fan Should I Buy?

cool child in front of a fan

Every home in Florida could benefit from using fans. However, many of us have fans in our homes that are not appropriate for our living space and lifestyle. The Comfort Authority wants your home to be healthy and comfortable. We have made a tip sheet to help our customers best understand which fans are best for their homes and for their existing air conditioning unit. 

Smart fans

     Newer technology-based fans are programmed remotely and can be set from your phone. Smart fans reduce energy costs between 4-11% and can track temperature, making them highly efficient. A downside is that smart fans are more expensive and require additional programming at installation.

Ceiling fans

     Ceiling fans circulate and push air down, providing wind chill effects. The ceiling fans with an Energy Star rating are 60% more efficient than the average ceiling fan. Although they provide limited heat relief, ceiling fans have many benefits. They are easily installed, cost-effective, and come in a wide array of styles and colors.

Whole house fans

     Sometimes called “attic fans”, whole house fans use less energy than central air conditioning units. Whole house fans provide attic ventilation and home cooling. Unfortunately, whole-house fans tend to be noisy and can sometimes reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency. Consulting an AC professional about your whole house fan is recommended.

Window fan

     The window fan (also called axial flow fan) draws outside air inside and is less expensive than ceiling fans. Window fans are easy to install but must have their air cavities completely blocked to be efficient. Additionally, multiple window fans can be used in your home.

Tower fan

     Tower fans move air already in your home and are designed to increase air circulation. Furthermore, these fans are affordable and usually have varied speed settings. However, tower fans tend to trap dust and dander and need to be cleaned often to prevent build-up.

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