What Is The Most Important Part Of My AC

AC capacitor

Getting through the warmest months of the year comfortably and efficiently is the sign of a well functioning air conditioner. Understanding your unit, its parts, and how they work, can help you troubleshoot issues before they become larger problems. The Comfort Authority has put some information together to better help you understand the capacitor.

What makes the capacitor so important?

A very important component of your AC is the capacitor. The capacitor supplies the correct voltage to your air conditioner. This small cylindrical device inside your AC stores and provides electrical energy at the right time.

The capacitor jump starts your AC

A high voltage jolt measuring 400-600 volts, powers the compressor as well as both fan and blower motors.

How long can capacitors last?

Capacitors are designed to last 20 years, but many factors can shorten the lifespan of your capacitor. For example, heat exposure, a real problem here in Florida, can shorten the capacitor life span and significantly damage your air conditioner.

How do I know which air units or air parts are best?

Ultimately the most important “part” of your homes heating and cooling system is you. You are the one who changes the filters, calls for service when the system acts up and, maybe most importantly, schedules routine preventative annual check ups for your AC system ensuring the best possible chances that your unit will live a long and fruitful life.

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