How Long Should My Air Conditioning Unit Last?

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The Comfort Authority wants your air conditioning unit to last as long as possible and for you to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Life in Florida comes with some amazing perks like palm trees and beaches. However, the warm months add complications to keeping your air conditioner working its best. An average life span for a/c units in other climates typically last 15-20 years. Sadly this is not the case in our region of Florida. Hot, humid weather and natural chemicals from our environment like salt and sulfur shorten the lifespan ACs in our region. Here in the Tampa Bay area properly maintained ACs should last 8-14 years.

Here are some great tips to make your air conditioning unit last longer in our mostly tropical climate:

  • Know about your compressor, condenser, coils and more, including the manufacturer recommended maintenance.
  • You may think you should have an AC check-up twice per year. That’s true for most of the country with distinct seasons. Here in the Tampa Bay area we suggest just one annual check-up.
  • Check and replace (if needed) your home insulation before summer months.
  • Change filters on a regular schedule. During summer months when your AC is working overtime change them at least monthly.

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