Safety precautions for businesses in 2021

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The Comfort Authority wants all their clients, friends, and family to stay safe during these unique times. There are several safety precautions we have added to our daily practices since early 2020. As we continue to live and work, there are several things businesses can do to keep their staff healthy and safe.

Safety and Health Precautions for Businesses

  • Use social distancing at all times. Plan trainings around the available space and distancing.
  • Wearing PPE protects you from particles and allergens alike.
  • Use MERV 13+ filters that been shown to be effective at capturing COVID particles.
  • Use air purifiers that can be up to 99.9% effective at neutralizing COVID.
  • Provide safety- based supplies like hand sanitizer and masks for all employees at the office.

We have implemented these and many other measures at our new office location and can be reached at (813) 518-8030 for all your business safety and comfort needs.

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