“Ride or Die” is Not a Safe Bet These Days When it Comes to Your Air Conditioner

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Here’s Some News to Break a Sweat Over

Air conditioners are on backorder. Not just for Tampa Bay air conditioning companies, but ALL air conditioning companies!

We’re bombarded with news about COVID-19, the upcoming election, civil rights, conspiracy theories, etc. With the frenzy around these issues there are major things going sliding under the radar, and one that us Floridians may want to take special note about.

The events in our country, in our world, have created a “perfect storm” for a decrease in supply of many items. For instance, there are factories that have hundreds, thousands, of people working on the production lines that churn out everything we need and want in mass quantities. These factories have had to reduce their workforces dramatically to comply with CDC health guidelines. The reductions are huge, some working at 50% capacity, some working at 30% capacity, some not working at all! And production at these facilities rely on components and commodities from other production facilities, who are also experiencing the same issues. Air conditioning production facilities are experiencing these problems.

How does that affect the rest of us?

Supply goes down, prices go up, and in our case here in the Tampa Bay area, we all start to sweat.

A lot of people are working from home these days. Imagine your AC is broken. You’re sitting in your home with sweat rolling down your back, and no relief in sight. You get up, desperate for a respite from the heat, and stand in front of your refrigerator with the doors flung open. Note – refrigerators normally made in large factories with large workforces that are now operating at drastically reduced measures. You lie in bed at night, sheets damp from sweat, tossing and turning. You’re praying you could just fall asleep to escape the heat and humidity. You take a cold shower in the morning and it’s impossible to dry off.

As a result, you’ve called every Tampa Bay air conditioning company, starting with the best ac companies in Tampa. Companies with great reviews and customer satisfaction, like us, The Comfort Authority. They’re all saying it could be weeks or more before they can get you a new air conditioner. Then you start calling even the air conditioning companies with bad reviews. You start calling the guy who knows a guy who does unlicensed and unpermitted air conditioner installation. You don’t care who helps at this point, as long as it’s done. But even they’re saying the same thing. It might be weeks or even longer before they can get their hands on some air conditioning equipment.

Did you Know?

The average lifespan of an air conditioner here in the Tampa Bay area is about 8-12 years. A lot of people don’t know this. Just about all we know and hear about air conditioning is based on what is normal for the rest of the country. Our area in Central Florida is way different than the rest of the state and country when it comes to air conditioning. Most of us hope we can ride the lifespan of our air conditioners until they die. We slap “bandaids” on the issues we experience with our ACs. Note – “bandaids” produced in large factories with large workforces now operating at drastically reduced measures.

However, we here at The Comfort Authority are doing our very best to stay ahead of this issue. We’ve been driving all over the state to pick up equipment as we locate it. Our people have been scouting and locating alternate sources for equipment. Even so, we’re not immune to feeling the squeeze.

What Should I Do?

If you know your AC is 8 years or older, you may want to start thinking about being proactive about replacement. Even more so if you’re experiencing issues with your AC already. “Ride or die” is not a safe gamble these days. We’ve got several months of high temperatures and humidity ahead of us. None of us have any idea when our country, our WORLD, will recover from the infinite ripple effects of the pandemic.

In other words, don’t wait until you get desperate enough to call disreputable air conditioning companies and people. You may pay for your desperation for years to come. Call a Tampa Bay air conditioning company you can trust to replace your air conditioner right. Call a company that will stand behind their work. Call a company that values the relationship with their customers above all else. We’d be honored if you’d call us and considered The Comfort Authority to be that company for you.

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