What Do I Need To Know Before I Buy A New Air Conditioner

person adjusting thermostat

It’s never a good feeling to hear you need to replace your AC unit. Your air conditioner may be approaching time for replacement if it’s ten years old or more. Regularly serviced air conditioners last longer and cost less to use, however there’s no crystal ball that can tell you how long your air conditioner will run.

In order to make the process a little more comfortable, The Comfort Authority has come up with a few tips that might help. 

Make sure to hire a licensed contractor

The installation of air conditioners have to meet local and state building codes. Contractors must prove knowledge of related building codes to get a license to install air conditioners. Maintaining their license requires continuing education. This keeps the contractor up to date with current codes. Replacing conditioners require permits from your local municipality. Contractors typically apply for permits. Also, contractors usually schedule the installation inspection. Inspections verify the AC installation was done properly and meets all codes.

Installation is more important than equipment brand

There’s little difference amongst all the brands of air conditioners. In fact, a little known tidbit of knowledge is that most of the components that make up the parts of air conditioners are manufactured by just a handful of companies. For example, you might hear that Brand A is better than Brand B, but the performance and reliability of the air conditioner is most influenced by the quality of the installation. The most telling reviews are of the contractors, not of the brands.

Air conditioners are not “one-size-fits-all” 

Figuring out the right installation for your home is a science. To do this, air conditioning advisors should measure your home to calculate the size unit needed. Additionally, important factors related to your home should be documented and communicated to the install team, ensuring all the right materials are used.

Your advisor should listen to you

Finally, and most importantly, your advisor should spend some time talking with you to discover exactly what it is you’re looking for. The whole process should be informative, transparent, and comfortable. Ultimately, the decision about what air conditioner you choose is entirely up to you! 

Other important factors to consider and know

  • The type of warranty and length of warranty that covers your new air conditioner
  • In Florida, all air conditioning installations must be covered by a one year workmanship warranty by the installer
  • What people say about the air conditioning company you’re considering

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