All About BTU’s

person changing temperature

Homeownership comes with a lot of learning opportunities. There is so much to understand about our home’s comfort and health regarding air conditioning and heating. The Comfort Authority wants our customers (current and future) to have as much information as possible when it comes to their HVAC systems. 

An important part of understanding your AC unit starts with BTUs.

British Thermal Units (BTU’s) measure the energy that is needed to increase the temperature of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Therefore, BTUs are vital to air conditioning and heating to maintain your home’s comfort. The larger your home, the more BTUs are needed. For example, if your home is 1,400 sq. feet it typically needs 23,000 BTU’s per hour to cool that sized area properly.

This does not mean that bigger is better; an oversized AC unit with higher BTUs than required for your home’s size will cool quickly but then turn off. This is not efficient. The size of your home directly relates to how much BTUs per hour are needed. It is best to follow manufacturer directions regarding the size of the unit required.

Areas in your home that contain a lot of appliances will require additional BTUs to maintain comfort. Kitchens or laundry rooms can have multiple appliances that emit heat and therefore require more energy to cool and maintain. This consideration is almost as important as knowing the total living space. For any questions regarding your air conditioner, call The Comfort Authority. We are available 24/7 to serve the Tampa Bay area’s cooling and heating needs just by calling (813) 518-8030.

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