Keeping Your Sunroom Comfortable Year Round in Florida

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Sunrooms are a great way to have more living areas and enjoy the beautiful weather in Florida year-round. With this “bonus room,” you can be in a climate-controlled, bug-free room with a view.  However, in any changeable climate, your sunroom can be challenging to keep comfortable. Here are a few tips to keeping your sunroom comfortable all year that The Comfort Authority would like to share.

  • In warmer months, a sunroom can be kept coolest with fans and/or a window a/c unit. Ductless ac units are also recommended to best control the comfort in a sunroom.
  • An HVAC system is usually installed for current square footage, so if your sunroom was an addition, your room will need additional help to cool the extra space.
  • Space heaters are budget-friendly but can take time to fully heat a room. Other ways of keeping your sunroom warmer in cooler months are to install weather stripping and clear insulation to the window surface. These additions can keep the temperature of your sunroom stable and comfortable.
  • Insulated drapes can help hold warm air in your sunroom during cold days in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Blinds are best to block our heat from the sun during our lengthy summers in Florida
  • The windows in your sunroom are the biggest area where energy can be lost. Upgrading windows to be double-pane verses single can really help to keep your sunroom at a desirable temperature.
  • Hiring professionals to help with any of your sunroom needs is recommended.

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