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Like many consumers nowadays, The Comfort Authority understands that our clients do their research. Before purchasing a new unit, or even replacing parts in your AC, many of us will look online for reviews and get information that will help guide our choice. When air conditioners are concerned, the SEER rating can help consumers figure out which ac unit is best for them.

SEER is a rating that stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

  • This rating is based on cooling results.
  • The rating in Florida can be as low as 14 or as high as 23. Lower rated units cost less but can cost you more with bills as they are less efficient.
  • A rating of 23 means your unit is providing the most efficient energy possible but will definitely cost more. This is why understanding your unit's SEER rating is so helpful.

To determine the SEER rating; the cooling output by summer is divided by the energy used during summer

  • This rating is commonly compared to miles per gallon in your car because the higher the rating the more efficiency you will get from your AC.
  • Conditions affect the SEER rating.
  • The size of your home, the current duct system, and other factors affect the unit regardless of the rating at times.

Getting an AC system with a higher SEER rating does not guarantee you will be more comfortable in Florida’s hottest summer months, but it will provide the most efficiency possible during these high usage months.

  • Most units with higher SEER ratings will have a variable speed compressor and a variable-speed blower.
  • Lower-rated units will usually have single-speed capabilities.

Call (813) 518-8030 today and let The Comfort Authority answer any questions about your unit’s SEER rating today. We are available 24/7 and are running a tune-up special until December 31, 2020.

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