Florida Fall AC Tips

puppy in blanket

A few chillier mornings and we as Floridians tend to break out our boots and sweaters. After an above-average summer of highs in the 100- degree range, we are ready to cool down. It is important that your home adjust properly to the temperature changes ahead. There are some tips to help with seasonal changes regarding your AC.

The Comfort Authority has a few tips to get your home energy efficient and comfortable this Fall. Call us anytime for one of our expert team to answer any of your questions or concerns or schedule a service call at (813) 518-8030

Make sure your thermostat is properly located in your home

A thermostat in an area where the temperature is different from the rest of the home is not ideal. An air conditioning professional can recommend the proper location. The professional can also move the thermostat if a change is needed.

Consider upgrading your thermostat to a Smart Thermostat this Fall

A smart thermostat will adjust for temperature shifts. Therefore, you will get the most from your AC during the seasonal weather changes.

Run ceiling fans in reverse in Fall

Operating ceiling fans is always a cost-efficient option for any homeowner in Florida. Running them in reverse circulates warm air best when turning on the heat is necessary.

Change air filters regularly

Changing air filters in a timely manner clears your home of dust particles, germs, and other debris that can impact airflow.