Why Won't My AC Shut Off?

AC unit wires

Although we run our air conditioning a lot here in the gorgeous Tampa Bay area, it can be a sign of a problem when our unit will not shut off. This might be a sign of a larger problem and a professional should be called immediately if this is happening at your home or business.

If your air conditioning is running constantly there are some things you can do:

Check Your Thermostat

  • Automatic settings may have kicked in if your thermostat is set incorrectly. Set your thermostat above room temperature and this will signal your unit to turn off. If your unit doesn’t immediately turn off, then the thermostat is not to blame.

The Condensing Unit may need cleaning

  • The condenser coils inside your air conditioner disperse heat, but when the coils are dirty they may be unable to operate efficiently. This means your AC needs to work harder to cool down and maintain the correct temperature. Check the condenser coils for dirt and debris, and clean if necessary.

Set your fan properly

  • Most air conditioning units have a fan switch near the blower which allows the fan to continue running independently from your settings. If there is a manual override, your air conditioner fan may run on its own. Change this setting from “manual” to “auto” so the fan only runs when it’s actually needed.

Make a Check-up Appointment

  • Without the proper check-ups and cleaning, your air conditioner will run longer, work harder, and will eventually have issues. Regular maintenance can help with all problems that may lead to your unit malfunctioning. The Comfort Authority is currently running a special on a tune-up service. We are here for you by booking online or calling us at (813)575-6996.
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