What Do I Need To Know About Duct Cleaning

Dirty air duct in attic

A large part of your AC running efficiently has to do with your duct work.

Having your AC system move air properly and with efficiency has as much to do with the design and installation of ductwork as it does with the AC equipment. Furthermore, there are a couple of dirty secrets within the air conditioning industry. Firstly, if you don’t have metal ductwork, we don’t recommend mechanical duct cleaning. Rather, we recommend duct sanitization. Secondly, if the duct work is dirty in Florida, chances are there is problem cleaning won’t solve. Flexible duct systems, like most homes in the Tampa Bay Area have, are sealed systems. That being said, dirt inside would have been pulled in through a breach in the duct system.  

The Comfort Authority has compiled a fact sheet regarding duct work services to better understand the value of booking this service if you concerns about your ducts.

How often should I get my duct work sanitized?

The frequency of cleaning recommended depends on several factors. For instance, smoking, pets, allergy or asthma sufferers in the household, and the location of the ducts within the home all impact the frequency. 

What type of credentials does my AC company need to have to do my duct sanitization service?

First and foremost, the air conditioning company that you hire to clean your duct work should be licensed. Additionally, they should have liability insurance. Furthermore, they should keep your home safe and clean with drop cloths and other protective equipment. They should also follow standards such as EPA guidelines regarding chemical use.

How much does duct “cleaning” cost?

Asking a professional air conditioning company how much a duct work cleaning service costs can vary greatly. For example, anywhere from $150-$700 can be a proper estimate for this service. The size of your home, frequency and method of cleaning, and general age and health of your AC unit figure greatly into the cost. 

How do I know that the duct cleaning service was done properly and completely?

Many AC  businesses will do before and after photos of duct work cleaning services. Ask your service provider to show proof of work completed. 

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