AC Surge Protection in Tampa

Surge Protection Installation Services for your Home

A power surge poses a massive threat to the health of your HVAC system. A malfunction in a transformer or transmission line, a lightning strike, a falling tree in a storm, or power grid switching can send a blast of high voltage electricity into your unit. 

The arc of electrical current that enters your system can overheat and fry the internal electronic components, ending your HVAC system's life or causing damage that will require expensive AC repairs

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Why You Need a Surge Protector for Your AC Unit

The system that cools and heats your home needs electricity to function, but when a power surge is more than the unit can handle, the damage is done. 

Surge protection can be installed to help you protect your investment. Even when the utility company was responsible for the power surge, they will not pay to repair your system and you will get stuck with the bill. 

Be prepared by adding a surge protector to your system – it can save you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacing a unit.

How Does AC Surge Protection Work?

A full home surge protection device can protect all the electric and electronic devices in your home, including your heating and air conditioning units. When a power surge occurs, the excess electrical energy flows into a grounding device, not your valuable heating and cooling units and the other electric and electronic devices in your home. 

Are Surge Protectors Worth Installing for an AC

In short, yes, having a surge protector for your air conditioner is worth installing. If you live in Tampa, summers can be awful as it is, so having a surge protector installed can ensure quality cooling when needed most. An AC has several key components that allow it to function effectively. 

Shall a power surge ever happen, the parts can go faulty causing it not to work properly. By having AC surge protection installation in Tampa or your local area, you can prevent feeling the impacts of a power surge.

Why Choose The Comfort Authority

At The Comfort Authority, we have been called upon to repair countless HVAC units damaged by power surges, and we don’t want this to happen to you. Our talented, friendly technicians can come by and explain how surge protection can be added to your system and efficiently and correctly install surge protection. 

Protect Your Air Conditioner from Internal & External Power Surges

Internal power surges can occur due to a faulty circuit breaker box, older or incorrectly installed wiring, or other internal problem. External surges are more likely, especially in the Tampa Bay area, where lightning, wind, and rainstorms frequently occur. 

Many advanced AC units are equipped with specialized electronics for more efficient cooling, but the components can be damaged when too much voltage flows in. If your heating and air systems are not protected, you could be facing the cost of replacing the system, pricey circuits, or other internal components.

To protect your investment, and ensure it functions in every season, our team at The Comfort Authority can add surge protection to your system. We serve all of Tampa Bay as well as Wesley Chapel, St. Pete, and the surrounding areas. 

Call us today at (813) 518-8030 to learn more about surge protection for your air conditioner. 

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