AC Repair Ruskin FL

Florida’s great year-round weather makes it one of the most popular states to live in. Homeowners everywhere want an easy way to stay comfortable in their homes, no matter the time of the year. We proudly introduce you to The Comfort Authority, your leading HVAC provider serving the Ruskin area and beyond. Our expert team is qualified to work on all your heating and cooling needs to keep your home comfortable year-round.

Air Conditioning Repair Ruskin, FL

A properly functioning AC unit is a must-have in Florida’s humid climate. Your unit must work optimally with temperatures easily exceeding 90 degrees on any given day. Knowing that your air conditioning unit is in good hands, our team can provide you peace of mind.

  • New installs- An AC unit’s average lifespan can range between 10-15 years and beyond with proper maintenance. Symptoms of a failing air conditioner include increased energy bills, strange odors, and lack of cold air. If you are experiencing any of these signs or your unit is older than ten years, our team can install a new energy-efficient unit for you.
  • Repairs- You could imagine the need for a quick repair on a hot summer’s day, couldn’t you? While you can’t necessarily predict when you’ll need an AC fixed, we’re here for you when it does. Standard repairs are made when specific components like the evaporator, condenser, motors, or belts need to be replaced. We understand time is critical, and our team is available immediately during emergencies.
  • Maintenance– Similar to your car, it’s essential to give your air conditioning unit some attention, especially if you live in the Sunshine State. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to have a technician service the unit twice a year. During this time, our team will clean the system, check for leaks and worn parts, and replace any outdated components.

Heating Services in Ruskin, FL

Believe it or not, it still gets chilly in Florida. We can help if it’s time to upgrade or replace your heater. Similar to an AC unit, heating components can typically fail after about the ten-year mark. In addition, newer furnaces are designed to be more energy efficient, resulting in long-term cost savings. If you’re searching for a heating service in Ruskin, rest assured we’re here to help with anything you need. Some common services we provide include:

Indoor Air Quality

Do you feel like you’re constantly sneezing or coughing? There might be a silent culprit. Your indoor quality. Poor indoor air can worsen allergies and cause breathing issues, especially when not cared for. We help the air quality of your home by cleaning out any dust buildup inside the ducts and filters. You won’t have to worry about waking up feeling congested and run down every day. Our team would love to discuss how installing air filtration systems like UV filters, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers can improve your quality of life.

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If you live near Ruskin, FL, we would be honored to help with all your HVAC needs. Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or have been there for years, we provide the same level of professionalism and customer service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.