Humidity Control in Tampa

Keeping Your Tampa Bay Home Dry & Comfortable

Floridians know humidity. Hot, wet, and rainy summers make humidity levels even worse. This humidity can tax your already hard-working air conditioning system. True comfort control depends on removing excess moisture from your living space.

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The Effects of Humidity in Your Home

Humidity can make you uncomfortable in your home, it can also be a serious hazard. You may find mold and mildew in bathrooms and on walls and ceilings. Warped wood floors and trim-work can also be a sign of excessive humidity as well as an underlying mold problem.

One thing that comes from short air cycles in inefficient machines is an uncomfortable humidity level in your home. If you have the right sized system for your home, it will allow you to feel completely comfortable. If not, the humidity levels are too high. For safe and efficient operation, the humidity level in your home should not exceed 50%.

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Schedule a home comfort assessment to have the humidity levels in your home checked. We can completely assess humidity and other factors to help assure your health, comfort, and peace of mind.

Mold Maintenance

Mold is a real problem in Florida. Our naturally tropical climate is amazing for beach days but it makes mold an issue many homeowners will deal with. The Comfort Authority has designed a tip sheet for our customers to explain how to best fight against mold.

Mold is caused by humidity or moisture, most likely a leak somewhere. A roof leak, leaky plumbing, or drainage issues are usually to blame. The first step in mold treatment is to locate the issue and remove the humidity source.

Areas in your home where a leak has previously occurred should be maintained regularly to prevent additional mold growing in the future.

Regulating home humidity is a good second step once the leak has been found and fixed. We recommend a thermostat with a humidity sensor to always make sure your home is at the recommended humidity level.

A final step is to vacuum the room with mold growth with a wet/dry vacuum verses a standard vacuum. A regular vacuum lacks the HEPA filter that a wet/dry vacuum uses; the filter will also grab mold spores and prevent the vacuum stirring up mold particles as you vacuum.

Additional items to help with mold include:

  • Use a dehumidifier in areas of your home where humidity control is a real challenge. Areas that stay more humid, like kitchens and laundry rooms where appliances emit heat, can benefit from decreased humidity.
  • HEPA filters are excellent to prevent mold. These higher quality filters can even grab tiny particles including mold spores! Spending a bit extra for a premium filter will prevent future mold issues in your home.

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