When Should I Replace Ductwork?

air ducts

Although we know our ductwork supports our home’s comfort, we tend to forget they exist. Ductwork can require attention, maintenance, repairs and sometimes replacement. Most ductwork should follow manufacturer’s directions and any work should be performed by an HVAC professional. The condition and age of your existing ductwork is an important factor when deciding what your home needs. Understanding these factors is helpful to homeowners, even when working with professionals.

Signs You May Need AC Duct Repair or Replacement

  • Your ductwork is old. Ductwork can last about 10 years. If your ductwork is older than that; replacement might be needed.
  • Poor temperature control. If your home is having issues cooling or maintaining a cooler temperature, a professional is needed to inspect the ductwork. Although the air filter can be to blame, the ductwork is challenging to inspect by a non-professional.
  • Your ducts are filled with mold. Mold is considered a serious issue in ductwork. Cleaning is a temporary solution, but replacement is recommended when mold is found in your ducts.
  • Inconsistent heating and cooling. Poor design or layout of ductwork can cause hot or cold spots in your home. Inspection by a professional can help map out what your home needs in modifying the existing ductwork.

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