Do I Need a Smart Thermostat?

person controlling thermostat from mobile phone

Smart thermostats have a lot of advantages over traditional thermostats.

A smart thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home from a computer, web browser, or even just using your voice. They can also document your usage history which is a great way to monitor the efficiency of your air conditioner unit.

Some smart thermostats even “learn” your patterns regarding adjustment of temperature which helps reduce costs and increase energy efficiency. Furthermore, it can also provide troubleshooting issues for your air conditioner. Additionally, some offer the ability to monitor temperatures and humidity in remote rooms away from your thermostat using sensors. 

Here are some benefits to upgrading to a smart thermostat:  

  • Setting schedules and/or geo-fencing allow you to “set it and forget it”. Set your smart thermostat to automatically lower and raise temperatures at certain times of the day or when you leave or return home. This allows you to reduce energy costs and also ensures your home is comfortable when you want it to be.
  • Control or adjust your air conditioner from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. Grandma stops by unexpectedly when you’re not home? Don’t make her sweat, turn the AC down and make her comfortable while waiting for you to come home.
  • Independently controlled or monitored zones within your space mean even temperatures and optimum comfort.
  • Helpful maintenance reminders are given regularly through the system. Many smart thermostats will even remind you to replace your air filter.

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