All About AC Fans

AC fan

Understanding the parts of your air conditioning unit will help you and your professional air conditioning service provider with the problems your home’s AC may encounter. 

The capacitor is considered one of the most important parts of an AC because of the electric energy it provides to power your unit. However, several other parts are vital to your home staying cool and comfortable. One of these parts, the blower (commonly called the “fan”), causes serious operational issues when not working.

What the blower or fan does for your air conditioning.

The blower, or “fan”, is a very important part of your air conditioner. Besides circulating air over the evaporator or condenser coil, the fan removes warm air from the interior while blowing cooler air through the vents. The blower motor turns fan blades. Consequently, this causes air to circulate throughout the AC system while the outdoor fan pulls outdoor air across the condenser coil removing heat.

How much does a replacement blower cost?

Blower or fan replacement ranges from about $250-$800. The unit size and the type of fan needing replacement impact cost. Replacing the blower under warranty might only cost $150 for labor when the part is covered. There are multiple warranty types, some limited, some full. Some cover just the parts other warranties cover more.

How fan problems can affect your AC.

Debris and weather elements can damage outdoor unit blades.

Dust build-up and bacterial growth can significantly affect indoor unit blades, reducing efficiency and causing damage to the motor.

Blower motors can be worn down from overuse, dirt and debris, and loss of lubrication.

The thermostat wire powers the fan, working in sync with the thermostat settings. If malfunctioning, the blower will not run.

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