Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2021

green river

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you are celebrating with corned beef and cabbage for dinner or wearing your finest green to avoid a pinch, this holiday and its traditions have been around for centuries. In fact, St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated since the 10th century! And in all those years many traditions and celebrations have become part of our history here in the United States.

St. Patrick was the national apostle and patron saint of Ireland who lived during the 5th century. His life is celebrated on the anniversary of his death with parades, traditional food, and lots of celebrations globally. The first parade for St. Patrick’s Day was in St. Augustine, Florida in 1601. Ever since then, many cities celebrate with huge parades and events on March 17. In 1772, Irish soldiers in the English military marched in NYC to honor St. Patrick.

By 1848, the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade was formed in New York City. Recent parades have included 3 million people lining the 1.5-mile parade route that takes more than 5 hours to put on. In 1962, the Chicago river was dyed green using 100 pounds of green vegetable dye that stained the water for an entire week. Recent river green events, even the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa, use a more environmentally friendly 40 pounds of dye that keeps the river colored for days.

No matter what your traditions on this day, The Comfort Authority wishes you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!