Why Should A Professional Maintain My Air Conditioner

Man checking AC

Regular maintenance on your air conditioner saves time, money, and the environment

In fact, whether you live in a condo, townhome, or home, the efficiency of your unit relates directly to the cost. Here in the Tampa Bay area as much as 50% of utility costs to homeowners are related to the HVAC system. Consequently, a unit that needs repairs or new parts will cost a homeowner time and money.

How can I avoid costly repairs?

The best way to avoid this dilemma is to have regularly scheduled maintenance of your air conditioner. Although problems can arise suddenly, especially in Florida with our high usage and subtropical climate. An AC unit that has been serviced regularly will have less unpleasant surprises. Some maintenance, like changing your air filter, a homeowner can perform on their own. Conversely, many issues with air ducts, heat pump equipment, insulation, or electric issues require a licensed professional.

Benefits of doing preventative maintenance on your AC include:

  • Increased efficiency that leads to saving energy
  • Avoid unnecessary repairs
  • Keep home comfortable and safe
  • Extends the life of your unit
  • Reduce energy bills

Besides AC Repair and Heating Services,  The Comfort Authority offers:

Routine maintenance, Humidity Control, Air Quality Check and Duct System Improvement.

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