UV Light And Your AC Unit

UV Light

UV light has a number of benefits. This light is used to sanitize hospital rooms and HVAC equipment alike. Installing UV lights will ensure your home remains comfortable and healthy. UV lights can kill germs, mold and other pathogens in your AC unit. The Comfort Authority has compiled a fact sheet to help our customers in the Tampa Bay Area understand the importance of UV light and their AC.

  •  UV light was discovered to kill Tuberculosis during outbreaks of the disease in the early 1900’s.
  • A major benefit is that UV light kills bacteria. 
  • Installing a UV light in your unit will kill mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold spores, and viruses. This improves the air quality throughout your home.
  • The air is purified when UV light is installed into your unit.
  • Households who have family members who suffer from respiratory issues will see can their overall health improved by usage of UV light.
  • Your family will remain healthier and allergy symptoms will be greatly reduced when using UV light.
  • An AC professional will place a UV emitter near the AC coil. The elements generally last 1-2 years. The UV emitter is inexpensive and easily switched out when replacement is needed.
  • The UV light helps keep your air conditioner clean, so the unit will be more efficient and effective. Improved efficiency will save you money.
  • Sealed ductwork is required for a UV light. Additionally, high-quality air filters changed monthly are recommended.

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