Reduce Cooling Costs this Summer

two girls sitting in front of a fan

Florida is known for its beaches, tourism, and warm weather. Here in the Tampa Bay area, we are already seeing temperatures close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit before the month of May! South Florida is considered tropical in regard to climate, but the rest of the state is considered humid subtropical. Our rainy season is May through October and Hurricane Season coincides with most of this time period.

Every year, as temperatures soar, so do the costs of keeping our homes comfortable and climate controlled. The Comfort Authority is here for all your air conditioning needs this Summer. We have a few easy tips to keep your costs lower as your a/c reaches maximum usage.

Reduce Cooling Costs this Summer
  • Use fans during warmer months to make rooms feel 6 degrees cooler when the room is occupied.
  • Close all blinds and curtains during the day when sunlight increases. Rooms that get the most sun should have blackout curtains to minimize the heat.
  • Avoid generating more heat during warm times of day by using less electricity. Small things like keeping computers and tv’s on during usage only or running dishwashers after dark can really reduce the heat build- up in your home.
  • Schedule an annual tune up maintenance appointment with an air professional at the beginning of summer to ensure your unit is functioning at its peak performance.

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