Hurricane Season and Your Air Conditioner


Thaarrrr She Blows!

Floridians know June through November is hurricane season. We prepare for hurricanes with generators, food, bottled water, and plywood. One thing we usually don’t think of is preparing your air conditioner. The Comfort Authority made a list of a few tips to protect your AC unit during hurricane season.

  • Schedule professional maintenance

Annual check-ups ensure your AC is performing optimally. Tip – schedule check-ups when it’s not hurricane season. It’s cooler and easier to get an appointment quickly. Also, it’s smart to have your AC inspected for damage after a hurricane.

  • Protect Outdoor Units

Your outdoor unit is vulnerable during a hurricane. Add Surge Protection to protect against power surges. Additionally, verify hurricane brackets anchor your outside unit. Hurricane brackets keep you outdoor unit in place during high winds. Furthermore, keep your outdoor unit free of obstruction and debris. This helps keep your AC in great shape during hurricane season and beyond.

  • Run the AC correctly

If a hurricane is approaching turn your AC down a few degrees. This helps the home keep cool longer during a power outage. Also, cutting power as the storm hits protects the AC from power surges. Check the AC for any signs of damage before turning unit back on. 

Want to make sure your AC is ready to weather the storm? Give us a call at (813) 518-8030 to schedule a check-up.