Why Does My Home Need An Air Purifier

woman blowing nose

Indoor air pollution can affect your health and budget. For example, headaches, respiratory issues, nausea, and fatigue are some of the symptoms of poor air quality.

The Comfort Authority is here for you to help you determine your air quality while offering you some information to help keep your home comfortable and safe.

Firstly, if you are having signs of health issues related to poor air quality you should call a medical professional. Secondly, the next call you make should be to a reputable air conditioning company. An expert can assess the quality of air in your home and start on a diagnostic plan to improve your air quality.

Here are some things to consider regarding your indoor air quality:

  1. Have your air quality professionally tested with an indoor air quality monitor.
  2. Evaluate health symptoms regarding signs of pollution.
  3. Install carbon monoxide alarms.
  4. Test for mold within the home.
  5. Test for the presence of radon gas.
  6. Have air purification system installed in your home.

Call (813) 575-6996 today for any questions or concerns with your home’s air quality and to learn about monthly specials at the Better Business Bureau A-rated company, The Comfort Authority.

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