What Is A Good Humidity Level For Inside My Home

"humidity" written in steam on window

The Tampa Bay area gets humid many months of the year. Living with humidity is not always a bad thing; some moisture in the air is necessary. But where your air conditioner is concerned, humidity is indeed a very important factor in your home’s health and comfort. Depending on the season, you must understand what percentage is recommended regarding humidity.

In warm, tropical summer months in the Sunshine State, humidity should never drop below 40%. It should never exceed 60% humidity in summer. In Winter an ideal humidity level will measure at 30%-40%. Buying a hygrometer to measure humidity in your home is an inexpensive way of keeping your home at its ideal moisture level. Many are available for under $20.

Many areas of your home will naturally be more humid than others. Places like your laundry room and bathrooms, will have a higher humidity measurement, and this is normal. Central ac systems keep lower home humidity while keeping your home cool. However, a humidity level that is not aligned with the ideal percentage might mean your air conditioner needs servicing.

If your home is too humid, a dehumidifier can be placed in more damp areas of the house.
If your home suffers from low humidity, a humidifier can also be used to stabilize levels inside. Understanding your home’s humidity levels will help troubleshoot problems before they become a large repair or replacement. For any questions or to schedule service, call The Comfort Authority at (813) 575-6996 today!

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