The History of AC

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Willis Carter

So far, this Fall has had some really great weather days. Most of us living, here in the Tampa Bay area, have even opened our windows at night. However, this is Florida, and we run hot more than cold. Our AC units tend to run even in Fall. It is a scary thought when we imagine a world without air conditioning.

Thanks to engineer Willis Haviland Carrier, we do not have to live in that imaginary world without central air and heat. Carrier invented air conditioning while working in Brooklyn, NY on an existing humidity problem. 1902 was the birthdate of the air conditioner.

In 1933, the Carrier company added a belt driven condenser unit, blower, mechanical controls, and an evaporator coil. This is the modern design of air conditioners we have now in our homes. As time has passed, technology has improved a/c units greatly. Smart thermostats, especially, can give a homeowner ultimate control over their home’s health and comfort.

Air conditioning is a valuable modern invention we enjoy in Florida most of the year. When you can’t maintain your home’s temperatures or humidity, call the Comfort Authority for all your AC needs. We are available 24/7 at (813) 518-8030.

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