How to Spot a Refrigerant Leak in Your AC Unit

electric coils

One of the main causes of your AC system not working could be a refrigerant leak. If your unit is running but not cooling your home, then a leak might be to blame. There are several ways to check for leaks, but many require a professional. Here at The Comfort Authority, we are available 24/7 to solve air conditioning problems in the Tampa Bay area.

How can a refrigerant leak be found?

  • Soapy water can be applied to the area the leak is thought to be in, and bubbles will give the leak away.
  • Ultra- violet dye can be added to your refrigerant, by professionals, and a UV light will spot leaks.
  • Electronic dye detectors, another service done by an air conditioning professional, is an accurate way of finding a refrigerant leak.

A leak can start out very small but can soon become a large problem. Besides your home not being at a cooler, comfortable temperature, refrigerant leaks can be dangerous. Refrigerants can be bad for the environment and are toxic. Having a leak with this substance is unsafe.

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