New AC Technology

AC Technology

The experienced air conditioning technicians at The Comfort Authority have forecasted new ac technology innovations in 2021. Heightened focus on indoor air quality (IAQ), new green technologies, and smart homes are strongly trending. As we become more aware of the environment and our carbon footprints, the demand for green technology is only going to increase. A focus on protecting our planet, when combined with sustainable energy, will have many families looking into smart appliances. 

Most of us spent a lot of time at home in 2020.  As a result, our bills skyrocketed from cooling and heating our homes for longer periods. With a focus on saving money and energy, many customers are looking for improved efficiency within their homes.

Smart integration in our homes is now on many peoples’ minds regarding new ac technology. Having all systems connected is convenient. Consequently, smart products that allow us to accessing settings from our phones when away from our homes are becoming popular. Thermostats are a tremendous new AC technology upgrade to your home HVAC system. These upgrades add efficiency and comfort to your home and are becoming more typical than luxury.

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