Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is many American’s favorite holidays. The food, family, and friendship shared on this day is something we look forward to each year. No matter what tradition you have for Thanksgiving, it is a treasured holiday. Thanksgiving, however, was not even an official holiday until 1863.

Thanksgiving back in 1846 was mostly celebrated in New England. The South did not celebrate Thanksgiving at all back then. Many Americans did not partake because it was not yet an official holiday. American writer, editor, and activist Sarah Josepha Hale is famous for making Thanksgiving an official holiday. Hale is known as the “Mother of Thanksgiving”. 

Hale felt strongly that Thanksgiving to be celebrated by all Americans. From 1846 until 1863 she worked non stop to try to get this holiday made official. She wrote each President regarding the need for the holiday decree for over 17 years. Finally, Lincoln granted her wish and proclaimed the fourth Thursday of November a national holiday. Even though Sarah Josepha Hale wrote “Mary had a little Lamb”, she is most famous for being the “Mother of Thanksgiving”!

Although this year is very different, the Comfort Authority hopes you have a happy and healthy holiday season. We are thankful for our family and friends and our awesome customers.

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